Tekwani Sawmill Offices

Tekwani Sawmills needed a new office block, and with them owning a number of sawmills producing Timber what better way to build their own offices than out of timber construction. Timber construction is largely overlooked in South Africa as it is not see to be the “norm” but is a really good way to build. Done correctly Timber buildings will outlast traditional brick and mortar buildings. Speed of erecting the building on site is also greatly improved as the wall panels can all be manufactured off site, delivered and then simply fixed together to form a solid structure. This building was designed alongside the requirements from SANS 10082 ( Timber Framed Buildings ) as well as the National building regulations SANS 10400 to ensure compliance in every aspect.

As you can see from the images below, once complete no-one can actually tell the difference between this and traditional building methods. We drew up every detail of this building right down to every single wall panel that was built off site.