Plan Submission

A brief outline of the process through which we will assist you. Right from sketch plans, through to obtaining Council approval to build and if required Supervision on site.


  1. We will meet with you the client, and obtain a brief on what your requirements.
  2. We will then be able to provide you with a quotation outlining our fees for the project.
  3. Once approved we will require your Title deeds as with these we do the necessary homework relating to town planning, title deed restrictions, Local authority and Home owners requirements. We can then advise on what we can and can’t do relating to the building and its design.
  4. We then follow a process of sketch designs, we will produce a sketch of what we feel will suit you and your budget from our discussions. These we will sit down and discuss and look at options for you. Only once we agree on a sketch design, do we begin with more detailed drawings for council submission.
  5. Once the sketch design is complete we will also liase with a Pr. Structural engineer for his input if required.  You will be required to appoint a Str. Engineer who will oversee structural elements of the design as well as to sign and submit Form 2 of the SANS documents required for submission.
  6. We also do the necessary SANS 10400 Part XA calculations to ensure your house will be energy compliant with the new SANS Energy Efficiency in Buildings – this is a requirement now for plan approval. It really is a good thing as it really helps with keeping houses cool in summer and warmer in Winter. Thus helping you save on electricity as the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer is far less.
  7. Once all drawings are complete we will prepare all the necessary paperwork, print off all the required copies of drawings and then meet with you at our offices to go through all the paperwork and sign the application.
  8. We then submit on your behalf to council and follow the plans right through the approval process for you. Once approved we will call you and hand over a complete set of approved plans – these are your approval to build.

Of course at any time during this process we are available to assist you with any queries and guide you through the process to ensure your build is stress free.